Online Streaming

We are the only Windows Media Partner in Asia Pacific region. Using Microsoft Windows Media technology, your [tag-tec]audio and video streams [/tag-tec] can be delivered to your employees for training, your business partners for presentations and your customers for Product launches.

Training Effectively.

Providing instant and easy access to your multimedia materials encourages learning. Having these same materials accessible by any internet browser opens up access to any internet connected user. For greater impact, we suggest combining these hosted multimedia materials with a learning solutions platform to more easily track the progress.

Promoting Efficiently.

Imagine your clients being able to access the multimedia features of your products or service! How easy it would be for them, and how much less support you have to allocate to them. Now your clients can learn for themselves with significantly less handholding or support!

Anywhere, Anytime Access!

Having your multimedia hosted on our streaming servers (with relays worldwide) ensures that your target audience can access them at anytime, anywhere!

Data Center Operations Management

Service Details

Data Center Operations Management ensures that your website is available 24×7. We secure it so that it is harder to break. We back it up in case it DOES break. We make it listed on the first pages of search engines, so more people come and visit your site. We provide customer interaction solutions, so you convert your webvisitors into paying clients!

Our other services include: Domain Name registration, remote site storage and Disaster recovery planning.