Hand Sanitizers for H1N1

Cito Corporation has tapped Futuregen to provide the online marketing presence, web analytics and SEO to help drive awareness to CITO’s great products among which includes the Instant Hand Sanitizer and Insect Repellant.

The Instant Hand Sanitizer now uses Chlorhexidine instead of Triclosan which has received some concerns over possible ill effects when mixed with Chlorine. The Chlorhexidine is the active biocide that kills 99.9% of all germs including the H1N1 now plaguing most urban areas.

The Insect Repellant contains Citronella essential oil formulation. A Non Toxic, Non Medicated, Safe and Effective with very pleasant fragrance for long hours of protection against mosquitoes both indoor and outdoors.

Managing Web Presence on Social Networks

Studies now show that internet users visit their social networks at least 2 to 3 times a week. This has given business the idea of reaching out to their potential market by also maintaining presence in these social networks. However, building up credibility and a web community via social network takes a lot of work. Most blog authors complain of the ton of work involved in posting compelling articles, and moderating the comments—distinguishing spam from the engaging comment is time consuming.

This is where our virtual assitants come to the rescue. We provide:

1. Setup services for corporate blog sites with up to three post  a week from articles or email content that you provide.

2. Setup services for creating social networking account in facebook, twitter, myspace, linkedin for your business.

3. Moderation services for  the accounts setup in #1 and #2

4. Escalate user comments to you for action

 5. Monitor the traffic for the #1 and provide weekly  report on web site activities.

6. Promote the sites created in #1 to directories and related sites.

7. Promote EACH blog posts to social sites like: Digg, boing boing, technorati, buzz up, reddit, delicious, stumbleupon, mixx, newsvine, blinklist, furl, propeller

Interested parties are asked to contact marketing[at]futuregen.sg for more details.

Avoiding Google Penalty for Duplicate Content

WordPress sites usually have multiple links to the same content. Recent googlebot changes have now been more sensitive to this issue and will highlight this as “Duplicate Title Tag”. Once this is flagged, your page that is highlighted as having this “Duplicate Title Tag” will be delisted from the search engine results.

The effect is that your site, or at least your pages with duplicate title tags will not be shown. And once that happens, your traffic will drop as the visitors referred by the search engines will be gone!

The easy solution is to use the robots.txt file to let google know about this and have it not index the duplicate pages. For example:

eBusiness Adviser | Network Monitoring Service

Excerpt above was taken from google webmasters tool that shows the single page for “Network Monitoring Service” being flagged by Google for having “Duplicate Title Tags”. In this case, it has three duplicates!
The  solution as we have found out is to have the following entries in the robots.txt file:
User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /*/trackback
Disallow: /*/feed
Disallow: /*/comments
Disallow: /*?*
Disallow: /*?
Disallow: /*page/*
User-agent: *

Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-includes/
Disallow: /wp-contents/plugins/
Disallow: /wp-contents/themes/
Disallow: /trackback
Disallow: /comments
Disallow: /feed
This has the effect of making google bot not index the pages that are covered by the wildcard patterns. So taking the situation above, the page described by /?p=183 won’t be indexed by Google, because of the “Disallow: /*?” directive.
The page with the link:

 Here are some great ideas on how to make wordpress blog duplicate content safe.

SEO Engagement: Temp Jobs

Integrity Staffing is one of the US top 500 fastest growing private firms in 2007. Their fantastic and almost fanatical obsession with getting it right the first time impresses a lot of their clients.

That is why Futuregen recommended a two pronged approach of engaging in Google Adwords campaign for immediate targetted traffic and SEO of their current website for: Temp jobs Temp Agencies Temp Staffing Temporary Employment

SEO Engagement: IN house or Outsource?

WebProNews has this highly informative article about the topic of whether one should perform SEO work inhouse, or outsource it to the experts.

Among one of the compelling reasons for outsourcing that was not discussed was the concept of TIME. How long before your inhouse can produce results? The veteran SEO can probably do this faster. While the newbie in house techie, would need time to familiarize with the steps involved.

However, one reason companies prefer to keep their SEO inhouse is to keep its trade secrets and web marketing statistics to itself. For this, companies often take a middle ground – that of hiring SEO experts to train inhouse staff to do the SEO work for themselves.

SEO Engagement: Lasik Eye Surgery

Futuregen has been tapped to help promote Lasik Eye Surgery website that compiles volumes of information to help guide potential patients make up their minds on their eye care options.

Lasik Eye Surgery has its pros and cons. This Lasik Eye surgery website discusses them all!

By combining both on page optimization and link building campaign, Futuregen plans to bring lasik eye surgery website in the first page of Google Search Engine results for Lasik Eye surgery related queries.

The result will be more webtraffic for Lasik Eye Surgery Website.

SEO Engagement: How to gain more weight

Did you know that Yin and Yang concepts of Traditional Chinese medicines can help people to gain more weight?

“In order to gain more weight, herbal medicines can be used to treat any excess or deficiency in your energy, blood and body fluids.  In general, when all these are in harmony, your body will be healthier and you can gain more weight.”


In the west, gaining more weight is expressed as storage of energy. When your store more energy than you spend, you gain weight.