Services Transcription: Easier Minutes of Meeting

You can easily produce minutes of meeting without the hassle of jotting down the conversation! Instead, you get a voice recorder that saves the monthly meetings or conversation into mp3 or wma format. Record your monthly meetings and email it to us; we will transcribe your meetings into minutes of meeting! Here are some tips to ensure success in transcribing your minutes of meetings.

Since the minutes of meeting is now text based (Microsoft Word Document format), you can index it more easily do text based searches on it. You can quickly pull up the relevant conversation instead of spending time rewinding and forwarding the tape to locate the relevant portions of the conversation.

Our fees for audio transcription of meetings ranges from 1 to 3 USD per audio minute depending on the voice quality to be transcribed, the length of the meetings, the turnaround times, and potential for long term corporate audio transcription engagement.

Futuregen provides our clients with very fast turnaround times on our transcription jobs. Clients can choose from 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours of turnaround time. We welcome your inquiry. You can sent it to marketing[at]

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