Document Management Solution for SMEs

Document management solutions ranges from simple software installed on your PC all the way to Enterprise grade content management system. Most systems involve the following process:

1. Digitize (Scan) the documents.
2. Store the image on a server
3. Provide meta data to index the documents
4. Provide an indexing engine to classify the digitized records.
5. Allow users to retrieve the document based on search key
6. Show and allow print out of the searched document

Companies invest in document management system hoping to benefit from:

1. Having digital copies for backup purposes
2. Ability to quickly retrieve any digitized copy on demand without need for manual intervention.
3. Ability to share the digitize documents between co workers or even among branches worldwide without the need to courier documents.

Typical solutions provided by other vendors involves costly proprietary systems that tied down companies to their solutions. However, higher end solutions are not cost effective for SMEs. Morever, companies needed to train and hire extra staff to manage the system. The document management solution we provide is all inclusive of:
1. The software application,
2. The web based server,
3. The manapower needed to maintain the accuracy of the records.

Our solution boast of tried and tested workflow that not only ensures completeness but also accuracy of your digitized records:
1. You have the choice of either scanning the documents yourselves or sending your documents to us for scanning in our high speed scanners.
2. The digitized documents are stored and indexed on our servers.
3. Our team of highly skilled data analyst enter the metadata for you by tagging in identifying fields like customer name, NRIC, Invoice number etc.
4. Then our editors review all the entered data for accuracy. This second pass ensures accuracy of above 98.5%
5. Once the process is complete, any document that is tagged in this manner will be available for retrieval from any web browser connected to the internet.

Upon request, we can provide tiered security such that certain groups of access can only see contents in selected folders, and denied access for other folders in the system. For more info, kindly email marketing[at]