Hosted Document Management System for SMEs

Futuregen is proud to announce a low cost,[tag-tec] hosted document management [/tag-tec]solution to enable Small and Medium Enterprises to have their own electronic Document Management system.

Rows of Documents

Users of the system can use any ordinary web browser to upload the scanned images. The same browser interface is also used to tag this image with metadata…ie.. name, social security number, tax identification, record number etc. The retrieval of the document is done via a sql search query. The user is provided a web search interface. The user then enters ANY of the above data (ie. name, or sss number or record number), and the system will return a list of images and related documents with the same tagged information.

This system is ideal for companies that need a simple but powerful method of filing documents and retrieving them. Companies can use this for record keeping purposes like employee records, sales records, invoices etc. Schools and similar institutions can use this for student records. Government offices can use this for license applications, etc.