Instant Zopim Expert Teams

Futuregen partners with Zopim to provide a complete online live chat response solution targeted at SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Zopim provides the software, we provide the expert agents and team to manage your chat system.

What is Live Chat and what are its benefits?

Online Live chat response systems enable web visitors to ‘chat’ with a company’s representative while on the website. You have higher rate of converting visitors into paying clients. It also increases customer satisfaction by providing them with a 24×7 representative to handle client inquiries. Urgent matters are escalated by our team according to your set instructions.

What is the pain point to adoption of live chat?

Mass adoption by website owners have been hampered by each individual website’s low volume of traffic – which does not justify a dedicated staff. So we decided to pool our expert teams together into handling multiple campaigns. You get superior coverage by sharing agents among our clients.

What is exciting about our promo?

Our pricing is based on per chat…. not per agents!

What are the details?

1. Promo Period: January to March 2011

2. Pricing Plans:  As low as 20 SGD per month per site!

3. To learn more: Please sign up here