LinkedIn Live: Who’ Episode 03

The following is a transcript provided by futuregen  to the Episode 03 Wednesday Nov 14, 2007.  With 12 hours turnaround time, 98.5% accuracy and in a format suitable for blog posting. 

Marc :  Blue Moon! Okay we are now Live on Linkedin Live! Testing. Testing. Testing. This is a test. Testing. Testing. This is a test. We are on LinkedIn Live: Who’s Your Daddy.
Okay.  Testing. Testing. (Scream).

Testing (Sigh).  Oh!  Testing. Okay. Good Point. Wow there’s just so many things here to keep complicated. We’re going to have to write a whole long document to keep track of what to open- when and where. Oh my God!

Okay. So my love, it is your turn to join the fun so click the show.  I don’t think there’s three. I think one is the NowLive bot. So it’s just you and I and the bot.

Now my love, do call the show and then click on “Call Using Google” and then copy and paste the phone number that’s indicated there – which is not the last one that you used but your phone number.

And then click “2” and then enter my show id and all that stuff and hopefully you will be on the call too. And go ahead and close your audio link.

This is LinkedIn:Live WhosYourdaddy. You’re live with Marc Freedman. We are running a live systems test.  And then that hard hat body that’s running naked through the woods that’s our co-host, Princess Nocturna.

Testing, testing, testing, testing.

Okay just a second. Alright.

Hello. Testing, testing. Princess are you there? Priestess?

Talk to me Priestess.  Anyone else on the air. We are running a systems test right now, we will be back on the air next Wednesday.

Marc: Testing, testing, now right! Come on Princess, join me on the show, the water’s warm. It’s Google time in the city. Testing, testing. Oh wait a second, I see Princess. I see Princess. And let me turn Princess on.

Heidi: Oh I am so turned on. How is it? Am I there?  Can you hear me?

Marc: Oh I hear you sweetheart! Do you hear me?

Heidi: Yes I do.  I am so turned on. We are here. We are live on the air now you know.

Marc: We are and we’ve lost our audience.

Heidi: We have an audience though. Look down in the bottom of the page.

Marc: Well…

Heidi: There is somebody there lurking.

Marc: Let the – am going to try to send you a message through Google. I am getting feedback on the – again here. So again during the show, you’d better have your speakers off my love.

Heidi: Okay.

Marc: But any – am going to try to – oh I’m going to stop this. I’m going to write on chat to avoid the feedback. Okay. We seem to still be here. That’s  a good sign. Why there’s two LinkDaddies under callers, I’ve no idea why that is.