SEO Engagement: Singapore Online Radio

Futuregen web ranking services is being applied to is a site that streams over 40 of the Philippines’ Top AM and FM radio stations. eRadioportal would like to rank high for searches in Singapore for the keyword “ Singapore online radio

The higher search engine visibility is expected to provide more traffic to coming from the philippine expatriates in Singapore.

SEO Engagement: Radio Station Directory

Futuregen has been engaged by Radio Station Directory and Radio Station Guide.
to have its site optimized for the keywords Radio Station Directory and Radio Station Guide.
After 3 weeks, it is now on the first page of google and MSN for search results on Radio Station Directory. It is on page 6 of page results. But we expect it to fluctuate in the next few weeks as search engines updates their indexes.

Current Traffic Sources Summary


Web Analysis Leads to Insights

We offer [tag-tec]web analysis services [/tag-tec] to our clients as part of both our data center and web presence managment service. This is where we load your web logs into our web tracking software and provide you with answers like:

  • How many unique clients visits your website?
  • What is your peak period? Per day, Per week, Per month?
  • Where are they coming from? Who are referring them to you?
  • What keywords are they using in search engines to get to you?
  • What are your top entry pages? What are your top exit pages?
  • Which country are they coming from?

The above are but a small set of answers we can provide to you for you to gain insights into your web visitors and fine tune your web site to gain maximum results from your campaigns.

Things to Consider in Registering your Domain Name

Web based projects will need to have the right and relevant domain name to start it off in the right direction. Several questions are important:

  1. Is the domain name available?
  2. Do you need to register the other extensions? aka. .net, .org., .mobi, .biz, .info?
  3. Do you need to [tag-tec]register in other TLDs [/tag-tec]?(country specific like. .sg, .cn, .id., in, .tw. ph , .my)
  4. Do you have at least 2 nameservers to use?
  5. Do you want to register it yourself? or outsource it?
  6. Is it going to be search engine friendly?

You can depend on our experience of hosting more than 600 clients and certifications in E-commerce to assist you in this domain name registration process. We can work with you to achieve your business objectives in your web project.

Beware of Negative SEO

This is the practice where your competitor hires someone to put links to your website from linkfarms. Linkfarms are sites that get paid to provide links. However, most search engines have already blacklisted these sites, and it includes the sites they link to.

So once your site is listed in one of these blacklisted sites, it gets affected as well — which is the aim of your competitor. This is more clearly articulated by nelife.

To prevent this from happening to your site. You have to be vigilant. Examine where your inbound links are coming from and have them removed if these are from such black listed sites.

Web Presence Management

Web Presence Managment involves three steps: SEO work, Client Conversion and Website Monitoring.

(SEO) Seach Engine Marketing Services enhances your website so that it is listed on the first page of search engine query results. Remember, if people don’t know about your site, they won’t go to it.

Once customers come into your website, It is important to have a “conversation” with them. Interaction allows us to find out more about what it is they want from your website. Conversations are done by integrating customer interaction opportunities in your website. Customer interaction improves the client conversion rates.

And then our third step in the process is continuous monitoring of your web traffic and analyzing changes in site traffic. Feedback for fine tuning the site.