Things to Consider in Registering your Domain Name

Web based projects will need to have the right and relevant domain name to start it off in the right direction. Several questions are important:

  1. Is the domain name available?
  2. Do you need to register the other extensions? aka. .net, .org., .mobi, .biz, .info?
  3. Do you need to [tag-tec]register in other TLDs [/tag-tec]?(country specific like. .sg, .cn, .id., in, .tw. ph , .my)
  4. Do you have at least 2 nameservers to use?
  5. Do you want to register it yourself? or outsource it?
  6. Is it going to be search engine friendly?

You can depend on our experience of hosting more than 600 clients and certifications in E-commerce to assist you in this domain name registration process. We can work with you to achieve your business objectives in your web project.