Seach Engine Marketing Convention 2007

Aaron Wall

Futuregen was fortunate to have attended and learned from the SEO gurus of the industry at the SEMCON 2007 event organized by Marc Macalua and Norelyn babiera of SEO phils and Fiera de Manla respectively. I forgot to mention IMV Solutions is also one of the organizers. (Thanks Anton S.)

The event featured heavyweight speakers like Aaron Wall of, Todd Malicoat of, Dereck Callow (Google) and Philippine SEO gurus like Elymar Apao of, Jonathan Cansuncad of netbooster asia, Rhiza Sanchez of, Javyee Fernandez of, Michael Turner of  and Hans Koch, Co-Founder/Search Architect at syndeo::media to name but a few.

You can listen to the Semcon 2007 Audio archives.

Client Testimonial: Singapore Franchise Opportunity

I just received news that Astreem is now ranked #1 under Singapore Franchise Opportunities way above other local Franchise consultants. I just wanted to say thank you for all the advise you have given and getting us here to this Top spot!Thank You so much!

Best Wishes

Hsien Naidu
Astreem Corporation Pte Ltd
7500A Beach Road, #16-324
The Plaza S(199591)
Tel: 65 63923608

SEO Engagement: Singapore HDB Property

If you are looking to buy, sell or rent Singapore HDB or other Singapore property, then use this online property search tool found in the Singapore Property site. Use it to find great bargains and investments on a vast majority of Singaporean property listings. Quick and easy results.

My Singapore Real estate broker, whom I respect most for his patience and professionalism, Jay Ting, of STAR PROjECT.  He helped me look at several Singapore HDB properties in the past. He finally agreed to let me return the favor by helping him with his online web promotions.  I feel that Singapore Real estate agents with his qualifications and integrity should be on the top of search engine results.

Futuregen has listed starproject in the Asian Business Directory under real estate category.

ASME Presentation

You can download the ASME Presentation entitled “Unleash your Website’s Potential“. The seminar was held at ASME conference room on August 25, 2007.

The details about this ASME event can be found in this prior post.

Update: Many have emailed to ask for more stuff related to the presentation. You can try this link to Web Genius Handbook , or create affiliate programs with this Super Affiliate Handbook.

Client Testimonial: Radio Station Guide

Radio Station Directory Guide would like to show our appreciation to Wilson Chua and his team at FutureGen for the excellent SEO job that FutureGen has been doing for our website.

Radio Station Directory Guide is a web directory listing of online radio stations around the world.  Like most websites with limited marketing budget , we relies  a lot on the search engine for web traffic and visitors.

Embarrassed to say, for the six months since going live, Radio Station Directory Guide was unranked in Google and Yahoo and received only meagre traffic from MSN, the smaller search engines and partner sites.

However, since acquiring FutureGen’s SEO services, we have achieved astonishing results!  In just 1 month, we have gone from nowhere in Google to first page ranking in both our keywords.

Just take look at these set of results achieved in a span of around 3-4 weeks :

  • Page 1 ranking in Google for the keyword “Radio Station Directory” out of 43.6 millions competitors.
  • Page 1 ranking in Google for the keyword “Radio Station Guide” out of 5.2 millions competitors.
  • Page 1 ranking in MSN for the keyword “Radio Station Directory” out of   2.3 million competitors.
  • Page 6 ranking in Yahoo for the keyword “Radio Station Directory” out of 18 millions competitors.

As a result, Radio Station Directory Guide now has a steady stream of increasing traffic and visitors from all the 3 major search engines.

Our web statistics shows that ever since we acquired the services of FutureGen, web traffic from our keywords has increased almost 13 fold and this increase in traffic also translate to a 3 fold increase in our pay-per-click revenue!

And to think that 1 month ago, we were still wondering how our next visitor will find us out of millions of websites!

Thankfully, we can now focus on our core task of improving our content and services to our visitors instead of worrying how they can reach us.

We would like to extend our thanks to FutureGen for delivering a highly personalized level of services. FutureGen has even gone above board by helping us to analyse our visitors’ profile, suggesting ways to improve visitor retention and time spent on site and even suggesting web design tips and tools!

For anyone or any company who is serious about marketing a web site or doing business online, Radio Station Directory Guide highly recommend FutureGen’s SEO services for they know their stuffs, deliver tremendous value and importantly they are upfront and only employs ethical method that do not put your websites at risk.

On top of that, they provide their services with a touch of sincerity and smile! No doubt, engaging FutureGen has been our most valuable investment to date.


Lim TH


Radio Station Directory Guide

SEO Tips: Website Migration

Once you decide to switch over your database or [tag-tec]migrate web hosting [/tag-tec] from your previous provider to the new provider, here are some things you need to prepare for a smooth migration:

  1. Migrate the DNS domain. Make sure you own the domain at the time it was registered. You also need to have the account details to login and change the dns server entries. However, do not register the new site, until you have fully migrated/copied the contents over to the new provider. DNS entries take about 24 hours to propagate. So budget this time in advance.
  2. Make sure you have account access into the webserver or ftp access to it. This will allow you to download your site, and then upload it to the new site. If not, you can use web scraping software to copy the static pages. The business logic will not be copied in this way though.
  3. Backup the database, if any, and then restore it to the new site.
  4. Backup the log files. These are important for web traffic analysis and can help you optimize your site for more traffic
  5. Test the new site by assigning a temporay dns name, aka. And then try to see if the website can be accessed.
  6. Once you are satisfied, simply edit the domain name entries for www to point to the new domain.

Futuregen has served a lot of our clients by ensuring the smooth migration of their websites from one domain to a new domain. For help with migration, simply send us an email at marketing[at]

SEO Engagement:Artistes Management in Singapore

Singapore Asian Actors Management

Futuregen through its marketing partner Astreem has been engaged by Fly Entertainment to do web rank services for its international sites. Fly Entertainment needs to be web ranked for the keywords “Artistes Management in Singapore” and “Asia Actors Singapore“.

Fly Entertainment is Singapore’s leading artiste management company founded by the effervescent, award-winning host and comedienne, Irene Ang, in 1999. Started with 2 staff, a fax machine and a burning passion and belief in the potential of local talents, it has grown by leaps and bounds to what it is today.

Recognized as a market leader for its creative and gung-ho approach within the entertainment industry, and for its proven track record in grooming successful artistes, Fly has garnered wide-ranging support from the local media, broadcasters, production companies and corporate clients.

Fly has always been quick to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape and, combined with an international outlook, was the first of its kind to plant a flag beyond local soil and set up an office in Thailand. Fly is poised to continue its expansion into overseas markets and serve a niche – to represent talented English-speaking Asian artistes who are also effectively bilingual in their native languages.