Seach Engine Marketing Convention 2007

Aaron Wall

Futuregen was fortunate to have attended and learned from the SEO gurus of the industry at the SEMCON 2007 event organized by Marc Macalua and Norelyn babiera of SEO phils and Fiera de Manla respectively. I forgot to mention IMV Solutions is also one of the organizers. (Thanks Anton S.)

The event featured heavyweight speakers like Aaron Wall of, Todd Malicoat of, Dereck Callow (Google) and Philippine SEO gurus like Elymar Apao of, Jonathan Cansuncad of netbooster asia, Rhiza Sanchez of, Javyee Fernandez of, Michael Turner of  and Hans Koch, Co-Founder/Search Architect at syndeo::media to name but a few.

You can listen to the Semcon 2007 Audio archives.

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