Who is OpenNet?
OpenNet has been appointed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in September 2008 to provide and manage a truly open passive high quality fibre grid services for Singapore’s Next Gen NBN.

Leveraging SingTel’s existing extensive high-quality ducting network, OpenNet will turn it into an ultra-fast broadband network serving the nation with almost 100% coverage by 2012, at least two years ahead of IDA’s initial schedule.

Sixty percent of households and buildings will get wired up by 2010, with 95 percent coverage expected by 2012. From 2013, OpenNet will meet all reasonable requests to install fibre access points in homes, offices and buildings throughout Singapore.

Being the key operator that will lay the foundation of the Next Gen NBN, OpenNet is committed to deliver a resilient fibre network that is truly open, better and faster.