Instant Service Desk

Help Desk Benefits:

1. Create fanatical “word of mouth” awareness around your product/services!

Boosts your customers’ satisfaction with superior after-sales service. Satisfied clients are more likely to promote your company to their friends! They will simply rave about your company and this helps build brand loyalty!

Effective customer support system (Help Desk system) would typically be tasked with answering most commonly asked questions from your clients. This help desk solution provides the central point of contact between your organization and your clients.  Your clients can have someone in your organization to talk to regarding their issues — someone always is on hand to  ‘take care of them’.

Typically, help desks are deployed only by larger organizations due to the constraints of cost and time to train suitable staff in such an enviroment. Expensive that is, until help desk virtualization and technology came together to bring down this investment!

2. Conserve your Limited IT resources.

Our virtual help desk teams help you save your valuable IT resources.

Your key IT staff can now concentrate on your key technology initiatives. They won’t be wasting their time handling the mundane, day to day support issues. Let our virtual teams take care of that!

Our virtual teams work offshore. We dont need to take up your office space to provide the same service. Our virtual teams work 24×7 with an incident/ticketing system with escalation and provisions for problem/request tracking. Selected issues with resolutions and workarounds are embedded into a knowledge base.

One Stop Help Desk Offering:

  • Service Desk Software
  • Staff to man the help desk
  • VOIP infrastructure
  • SLA 1st tier Resolution 80%

Service Desk Software:

We provide a SQL database backend that stores all incoming service requests. These are tracked by non sequential ticket numbers, and processed according to service plans and service level guarantees. These tickets are integrated with email support so that clients are provided with email status updates as soon as work is done on these. Selected incident/tickets are added to a knowledgebase. This database helps to provide agents with a quicker learning curve and shorter problem resolution time.

Our Service desk application employ online Live Chat solutions that can be placed on your website. This allows your website clients to query our help desk agents online. There is no need to deploy expensive 1-800 numbers!  Another feature of our service desk application is that it allows your FAQs to be converted into “canned responses” and self help troubleshooting guides. This further shortens customer issue resolution times.

Help Desk Staff

Our service staff have high CSR (Customer Satisfaction Ratings), can type at least 40 wpms(for online chat) and have great listening and problem resolution skills. These skills coupled with our advanced service desk application come together to bring superior help desk and problem resolution.

Help Desk VOIP Infrastructure

Any call to a local number will be bridged over to our center. Our Help Desk teams pick up the calls and appear ‘local’ to the caller. Our solutions team will take care of provisioning the VOIP to do this transparently for you.  Our teams handle Tier 1 issues and escalate the rest. With our VOIP infrastructure, our help desk teams can connect to and coordinate with your staff anywhere in the world!

Help Desk SLA

We gurantee first tier resolution of 80%. While we provide the software application, the voip infrastructure and the customer care specialist, we will NEED you to provide us with your product and service specific training and FAQs to help us achieve this Service Level Agreement.

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