Call Center: Call Monitoring and Quality Assurance

One of the continuing efforsts of singaporean call centers is to focus efforts on finding new avenues of measuring performance and improving coaching for their contact center staff. While solutions have been around for some time now, the recent enhancements are compelling.

Recent enhancements include multi channel recording (not only voice, but also desktop screens for IM and chat supports). Sentiment analyis and better User Interface for QA staff to drill down and pick out the more interesting recordings.

Sentiment analysis allows the software to flag conversations where a noticeable rise in tone and pitch is detected. These usually mark the start of an irate call. Last week, I had the opportunity to be introduced to NICE perform, next week, where such abilities were showcased in Insights 2008.

I have an opportunity to try out a competing product from autonomy called e-talk. The information for etalk on their website states:

Autonomy etalk offers call recording, analysis, and performance improvement solutions that support superior service and enable customer intelligence for call centres. The recently released Intelligent Contact Centre solutions include advanced intelligence-based functions such as Multi-channel Interaction Analysis, Real-time Agent Support and Contact Centre performance.

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  1. From : Call Center Executive

    Quality assurance is an integral part of any call center business. Quality assurance means checking the quality of services provided and continuous performance improvement solutions. These efforts helps in sustaining customer’s trust on a services provider and its services. Call recording and analysis helps in providing customized solutions to the customer.


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