Call Center:Team Leader Handbook Workshop

Futuregen attended another FANTASTIC seminar facilitated by Ian Northmore. Key takeaways from this CCAS organized seminar was :

  • The introduction of additional team leader metrics like Number of One on One meetings, Number of weekly briefings, and the % of absences in the team.
  • The use of Back to Work interviews before MC team members can get back to work.
  • The need for immediate feedback to be given by Team leaders to the team members.
  • The need to review recorded calls made by team members as a way to not only gauge team member performance, but to also allow the team leader to ‘touch base’ with callers.
  • The use of G.R.O.W. to conduct one on one meetings between the team leaders and their team members.

Here is our post on an earlier seminar by Ian Northmore.

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