Transcript:TWIS.ORG March 9, 2010

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

The following hour of our programming is design to aggressively rewire your subconscious brain to be interested in science. If you are already a science junkie, this show will feed your habit, keep you in the fix.

If you’re curious and want to know about the world you live in, this show will display all sorts of curious facts about exactly that world. If you’re not curious about the world you live in but simply would like to know what there is to be curious about should the notion strike you, we have you covered as well.

And while you’re subconscious addiction to curiosity much like the following hour of our programming, does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of University of California at Davis, KDVS or its sponsors. Understand that while all these are in the pursuit of such ideals as knowledge, truth and understanding that this show attempts earnestly to elicit in snapshots from the world of science each week, it is curiosity that reigns above all else.

As our show’s mantra, motif and theme, “For in the dance of science, every veil of mystery that drops, a truth is revealed. With every truth unveiled, new knowledge is born. And with every bit of newborn knowledge of the world comes a greater veil of mystery.” And more intense curiosity follows on This Week in Science, coming up next.
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