Transcript: Guy Kawasaki on Creating Enchantment

CONFERENCE TITLE: DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series
SPEAKER: Guy Kawasaki
CONFERENCE DATE: March 02, 2011

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It is my extreme pleasure to welcome our final speaker for eWeek this week. It is Guy Kawasaki, who for many of you needs no introduction. Guy’s original claim to fame was when he was the original Apple evangelist. I remember reading his columns years and years ago. And I am certainly a Mac enthusiast myself.

He was a founding partner of Garage Technology Ventures. He has been involved with writing. He has written 10 books, “Rules for Revolutionaries”, “The Art of the Start”. And his new book, “Engagement”.

I’ve had a chance to read and give (unintelligible) and (enchantment). (I think that’s going to be your next book. Can that be your next book, “Engagement” – “Enchantment”, sorry. But I did get to read…

Guy Kawasaki: She’s a close personal Friend.
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