Transcript: July 7, 2008

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The future, according to Einstein, comes soon enough. According to Niels Bohr the future is difficult to predict. According to the local television weather person, it may or may not be sunny or cloudy or even raining over the next few days to some degree of certainty.

Then again, according to Yogi Berra, the future just not what it used to be? If there’s one thing though that such great minds can agree upon is that the future, whatever it holds, is definitely on its way.

And while predicting the future much like the following hour of programming does not necessarily represent the views and the opinions of the University of California, Davis, KDVS or its sponsors, if you listen carefully to the information as it flows through your ears you might just gain some clue as to the direction and scope of the future to come.

Some of the notions we hold to be most true today may change drastic, unintuitive changes. And everything from cosmology to biology physics and climatology are possible and will be addressed here before they happen.

My own address has in fact changed in incredible four times just since joining this show. I don’t know how that happened. But at some point you may begin to feel the alarming suspicion that you are not moving into the future at all. But that the future is barreling down upon you. If that is the case then stay right where you are because you are now directly in the path of This Week In Science, coming up next.
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