Transcript: Oct 20, 2009

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Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

Irregardless of what you have regarded as reality up until now, no matter how indubitably you have debated without doubt, unfeathered by the faculty of your focus, irrespective of the precision of your perspective, it is still quite possible in terms of this very moment that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

To test this, take a moment – this very moment – to look around and see what is actually around you. What do you see? Is there more there than you thought? Take a little more time. Look at every thing but try not to stare. Blink a few times if you think it will help. Make a mental note of everything you are seeing.

Now, crumple that mental note into a ball. Throw it out of your ear and ask yourself, “What am I seeing? Is this the world as it truly is? Or is this snapshot of the world just my impression of the real information out there and interpretation by my my brain, an illusion of a world and a reflection – a convincing trick of light?”

And while the convincing trick of light of crumpled mental notes much like the following hour of programming – does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the University of California at Davis, KDVS or its sponsors – we should remember that in the light of our potential for perceptive Ponzi scheming, it is advised that the eye remain skeptical, the mind critical and the ear tuned to This Week in Science. Coming up next.

You’re such a together person on most days. So, as Kirsten continues to fight with – you don’t need earphones. Hit the button. You don’t need to hear that, you know, hit the button.
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