Transcript: Nov 24, 2009

Justin: This show is brought to you by listeners like you and the contributions that people like you are giving. People who aren’t you who are actually giving. We couldn’t do it without them. So please, be one of them or unless that’s one of you in which thank you.

Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! There are many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving season. We here at This Week in Science are thankful for the University of California at Davis, for KDVS, for its sponsors whose views we do not represent. And we’re also thankful for Ali, our new intern.

We’re thankful for the men and women of science whose work we often recount for raising the questions and their reasons and methodical pursuit of the answers that follow. And we’re most thankful for you, our listeners.

Without the University, KDVS, its sponsors, science, Ali and you, we will be ungratefully sitting in an unlit cave 20 ft. below ground with no studio, no science to report on, instead talking about the latest developments in mysticism to an imagined audience of minion spirits without show notes.

And while those spirited minions of the imaginary mystical abyss do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of our actual listening audience, they too seem to be thankful this year. For without the light of reason and science to guide the way, the human spirit of imagination is ruthlessly haunted by ungrateful mystics peddling vagary, demanding that that vagary be taken seriously.

Seriously is something we will never ask from you here on This Week in Science. Coming up next.
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