Transcript:TWIS.ORG Dec 22, 2009

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

Hold on. Now is not the moment for faith or doubt. Now is not the moment for contemplation or belief. Now is not the moment for hesitation or an action of any kind.

Now is the moment in which you can do. And while what choice of action you take – much like the following hour of programming – will not represent the University of California, Davis, KDVS or its sponsors, what you do now has more importance, more meaning than any theory or consideration of thought.

The sum total of the universe’s past has led to this now. The future flow of possibility will be forged by this now. This now is yours to master, yours to act upon, yours to set in motion. And in this now, the future is yours for the taking which is why we are so honored that you have chosen to dedicate this now to This Week in Science, coming up next.
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