Transcipt: July 22, 2008

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

We live in a world filled with information; information that exists in our every bit, every bit of our loopy vibrations and extends from the sub point scale to the very outer limits of our ever expanding universe.

Still the vast majority of our sub cosmic scale humans get their information from major media sources as though they were institutions of higher learning and research.

This does make a reasonable explanation for the irrational lack of knowledge and awareness – the only self known, self sentient species applies to itself like getting a degree and mental sedation. For instance, how can a looming yet avoidable global disaster cause little change in the behavior of its global inhabitants?

Well, by simply admitting the importance of reality. Yes, we can go on our day to day push and pull self absorbed ignorance of impending trouble and doom. Yey!

And while self absorbed ignorance like the following hour programming does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the University California, Davis, KDVS or its sponsors, we are here in attempt at bridging the gap between the news and the knowledge, between information and understanding, between buzz bites and essential awareness. Yes we are that full of ourselves.

But compared to what? Compared to who? Yes, humility, sedation and ignorance are vices we will never flaunt here on This Week In Science, coming up next. Continue reading “Transcipt: July 22, 2008”