Transcript:TWIS.ORG Sept 9, 2008

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

While political campaigns heat up and tropical storms gather strength, while major cities evacuate their populations and other cities inundate with delegations, while the focus of a nation is deeply engaged in witnessing the coming change in direction that is but a few months away, the changes of an altered climate have already set new courses for us all.

And while changes in any form under any banner or backdrop including that of the following hour of our programming do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the University of California at Davis, KDVS or its sponsors. Change will come to those who wait. It also happens to come to those who do not wait but rather participate.

In the latter case, the change is often more predictable and much more beneficial. In no other spectrum of participation, can the changes in future events be more lasting, more impacting and more crucial to the health and prosperity of the nation than the changes science seeks to make in every facet of our knowledge.

The economy, health, security and mental acuity of any nation are best assured by advances in science and the dedication to learning. Science is the rope society must climb to lift itself above the suffering of selection, be it social, economic, or genetic in nature – science and science alone.

So, the super host delegates of this show would like to nominate Science as our candidate in the following election. And offer each event reported here as a tribute in testimony to its character and resolve.

Minions and gentle listeners, please welcome the next president of future knowledge here on This Week in Science, coming up next.
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