Transcription Service in Singapore: Sharing The skills

Futuregen is now working closely with clients of SPD (Society for the Physically Disabled) to train vision impaired people with necessary skills to transcribe audio into microsoft word documents.

While the transcription service training project seems to be too ambitious for the visually impaired, they do have a higher level of sensitivity to sound – their listening skills are much better than normal people. Hence when SPD contacted Futuregen to share its skills in transcription service, we readily agreed to give it a try.

The initial results are heartwarming. Some of SPD’s clients were able to transcribe the audio with 94% accuracy. This is not bad for a first try where usual participants would get 70-80% accuracy on their first try.

In case you are wondering, SPD’s Clients who were visually impaired used a software called JAWS to navigate around their PC without the aid of sight. Our plan is to engage SPD’s clients in offering transcription service in Singapore.