Transcription Services in Singapore

Yes we do Audio to Text services in Singapore. These transcription services help business and legal firms with converting their audio materials from Annual general meetings, group discussions, research interviews, legal depositions et al into Microsoft Word document format.  This is how services transcription process works.

Companies have found several benefits to getting transcription services for their audio files:

One is to transcribe files to increase web traffic.
Another is to use transcription firms to produce captions/subtitles that can be read by a new market segment.
Finally, new US laws are in effect which require the use of transcription services:

  • 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (2010)
  • Workforce Rehabilitation Act Section 504 and 508 (1998)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)

In summary, these laws require companies and government agencies to ensure that the content is accessible to employees and the public – specially those with disabilities that prevent them from accessing audio content. Our repeat clients appreciate our fast turnaround times, high accuracy (at least 98.5%) and particular skills transcribing non-native English speakers.  We also adhere to strict Singapore laws on PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) with our own PDPA compliance officer.