Global Call Answering Service

Go Global with our global numbers and answering serviceIntroducing Global Call Answering Service – a new promotional offering for businesses wanting to go global!

For most companies around the world, whether big or small, the phone is one of the most important means of communication. Having your own virtual phone number which comes with a virtual receptionist could be really beneficial for your company. Here are some of the benefits of having international telephone numbers that are answered by our virtual receptionists:

1. Own More Than One Number: Your business can have more than one number, and the best part is, you can have local numbers in 60 countries. This means that clients from all over the world can contact you without worrying about the toll charges.

2. Low Cost  Virtual Receptionist: Our service comes with an answering service. This means every single call to your international virtual phone number will be attended by your very own virtual receptionist. This means you do not have to hire a full time staff.

3.Make Your Company Seem Larger:  Having local numbers in 60 countries makes your company appear to be much more larger than it is. This is impressive to a global buyer. Even if your business only consists of handful of employees or perhaps even just yourself, you can make it seem like it is large with many different numbers across the several countries.

4. Takes A Way The Need For Pricey Upgrades: If you want to set up many different phone numbers for your office, you will need to spend a lot on PaBX, wiring and communications set up. However, if you use our virtual call center, it eliminates the need to do so. Let us settle everything, from setting up of phone numbers to answering your phone calls.

Service Scope:

We provide global telephone numbers and combine that with our responsive English language answering service for businesses that want to enable their global clients to connect with them without having to pay for expensive toll charges.

You get a dedicated inbound phone number in any one of the 60 countries we currently operate in and route all inbound calls from that number to our call center where our customer service representatives answer them. Think of them as your very own virtual receptionists that answer the calls and email the details of the call to you.

Promotional Details ( Good for 1st 6 months):

  • Setup FeIm interested in Global Call Answering Service. Call me backe: 150.00 SGD
  • Monthly Answering Fee: 50.00 SGD per number(Regular: 200 SGD)
  • Monthly Number Fee: 15.00 SGD per number (Regular: 35.00 SGD)

Coverage: Singapore Office hours Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 7pm. Maximum of 50 calls per plan per month.


  • 24×7 coverage
  • Call Transfers to 3rd party
  • Mandarin Speakers
  • Higher call volume plans

Note: As this is a pilot program, we will be accepting only a limited number of service engagement on a first come first serve basis.