LinkedIn Live: Dave Taylor Part 2

Marc:  Why don’t we take a few calls or perhaps if people want to chat prior to getting Dave on the line, we see a few guests? Dave is saying his non-business account seems to be the same. So his homepage hasn’t changed yet.

It’s officially in beta. And if you want to go to the URL for it, it is and that actually will take you to your beta homepage. And as I said for some people it’s already been integrated into their regular homepage, for others it’s not.

You may have to go to the beta and who knows, I mean maybe they are looking at your cookie and if you’ve been at it once, then you will automatically be seeing the beta there. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to toggle it on or off.

In any case that’s what’s going on. We are going to take your calls for the next minute or two if anyone wants to join us, otherwise we will be talking to Mr Dave Taylor of Mr Ask Dave Taylor.

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LinkedIn Live: Dave Taylor Part 1

Marc:  Welcome to LinkedIn Live WhosYourDaddy? I am your daddy. This is Marc Freedman the LinkedIn Anti-prophet, welcoming you to another edition of LinkedIn Live. And today is December 12, 2007. I am sure everybody is getting ready for the holidays. And we thank you for joining us.

And just a second here – let me see who we have on our line here.

Heidi: Hello?

Marc: Yes, this is the Priestess herself. Let me welcome Heidi Heyns the voice of milk and honey. Heidi how are you?

Heidi:  Am doing great! Thanks for getting me into this wonderful chat room. I’m glad to be here Marc.

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LinkedIn Live: Who’ Jason Alba

Marc : Welcome to LinkedIn Live. This is Marc Freedman your LinkedIn Daddy and the LinkedIn Anti-prophet. I want to welcome our callers and listeners today as well as the folks chatting on Now’s Player for our show.

Our co host Heidi Heyns the voice of milk and honey will be joining us shortly she wasn’t able to join us at the beginning. Hope every one had a terrific holiday over thanksgiving and we’re going to be starting shortly.

First I want to give a few shout outs. This thing you see that you see at the top of the show and we occasionally play during the show is from Michael Dawson of Dawson’s New Rage. He plays Latin rock fusion and we appreciate his support and his music. Our transcripts are provided by Futuregen. They do business process outsourcing including transcriptions so thank you Wilson at Futuregen!

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LinkedIn Live: Who’ Christian Mayaud

The following is a transcript provided by futuregen  to the interview with Christian Mayaud with 12 hours turnaround time, 98.5% accuracy and in a format suitable for blog posting.   

Welcome It’s LinkedIn Live: Who’s Your Daddy? And I am your daddy this is Marc Freedman the anti-prophet of LinkedIn and we’re happy to be back after a layoff will two weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday day.

I hope everybody had a nice little layoff there. On this show we are going to be featuring as usual the music from Michael Dawson of Dawson’s New Rage and I would thank Michael for his support; and we’ll also be playing some other music from new artists in the future shows as time permits.

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LinkedIn Live: Who’ Arnnei Speiser

The following is a transcript provided by futuregen  to the interview with Arnnei Speiser with 12 hours turnaround time, 98.5% accuracy and in a format suitable for blog posting.  

Marc : Welcome to a special edition of LinkedIn Live: Who’s Your Daddy? And I’m your dad, Marc Freedman the LinkedIn Anti-prophet. We have a special edition here with Arnnei Speiser who is coming to us from England.

And Arnnei is the developer of LinkedIn Contact Manager, the best and leading software out there on the market and it’s free for all those LinkedIn users.

Arnnei, welcome to the show.

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Transcription:Singapore Transcription Contractors

Singapore Transcription Contract:
We need YOUR help. We have openings for Singapore transcription  contractors with an initial batch of 50 stay-at-home transcriptionists to handle our growing client base. Our clients are international News organizations, leading corporations and Universities across the globe.

Singapore Transcription Contract Definition:
A transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio recordings and types in the spoken words into a Microsoft Word document. So quite simply, the Singapore transcription contract will have you typing in the words that you hear.

Singapore Transcription Contractor Qualifications:
The successful transcription contractor is someone with the following:

  • Can commit to transcribing at least 60 audio minutes of recordings a day at home
  • Has a good grasp of the English language. Skills in other languages are a plus!
  • Has a computer with internet access at home
  • Can type at least 50 words per minute
  • Good Listening skills and wide reader
  • Willing to be trained
  • At least 35 years old and has not been employed within the past 6 months
  • Singaporean Citizen or Singaporean PR only
  • Must comply with IRAs regulations for self employed individuals
  • Read also ACRAs guidelines for self employed individuals
  • All applicants to the Singapore Transcription Job opportunity must abide by our very strict confidentiality agreements.

Singapore Transcription Benefits:

Work At Home!
Because you do the transcription work at home, you get to earn supplemental income and enjoy flexible hours!

The contract fee is based on your transcription output. We pay on a per audio minute transcribed basis. The transcription rate will depend on two things:

  • Your transcription speed
  • Your transcription accuracy

Singapore Transcription Contractors: Act Now! If the above statements fits you to a “T”, register at Work at Home Jobs in Singapore.

LinkedIn Live: Who’ Episode 03

The following is a transcript provided by futuregen  to the Episode 03 Wednesday Nov 14, 2007.  With 12 hours turnaround time, 98.5% accuracy and in a format suitable for blog posting. 

Marc :  Blue Moon! Okay we are now Live on Linkedin Live! Testing. Testing. Testing. This is a test. Testing. Testing. This is a test. We are on LinkedIn Live: Who’s Your Daddy.
Okay.  Testing. Testing. (Scream).

Testing (Sigh).  Oh!  Testing. Okay. Good Point. Wow there’s just so many things here to keep complicated. We’re going to have to write a whole long document to keep track of what to open- when and where. Oh my God!

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Transcription: Essentials for Minutes of Meeting

Minutes are usually taken at both informal staff meetings and business gatherings or at formal business meetings. Minutes are usually prepared immediately after the meeting. Prior to the next formal meeting, each member should receive a review copy of the minutes of the prior month.

Some Common Checklist of things to do:

  • If you are recording the minutes, make sure you aren’t a major participant in the meeting. You can’t perform both tasks well.
  • Take attendance.
  • Sit as close as possible to the Chairperson
  • Focus on action items, not discussion
  • Avoid inflammatory or personal observations
  • Get the minutes approved. Minutes aren’t finalized until they’ve been approved and submitted by the meeting’s chair or the secretary.
  • To ensure accuracy of the minutes, a voice recording is usually made during the meeting. The recording is later transcribed to the minutes of the meeting. If notes are taken during the meetings, these are used by transcriptionists to ensure accuracy. However, if a voice recording is to made, it is proper to inform participants ahead of the meeting. Read some tips on How to record minutes of meetings

    Preparation prior to the meeting is essential to ensure success. Have available copies of the agenda, pens, meeting packets, maps of the area and anything else that would be helpful to the participants.

    When the meeting begins, try to adhere to the time lines that was set for the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, it is always a good practice to summarize the relevant discussion points, findings, conclusions or recommendations. Remind participants of the assignments. This is also a good time to engage them by asking for volunteers in other projects!

    Here is a sample Minutes of Meeting, just plug in the values in items that are italicized:

    Minutes of the Organization Name
    Month Day, Year

    The monthly Board of Directors’ meeting was held at location_of_meeting. The Board of Directors’ meeting was called to order at time_of_meeting by Officer_name.

    Present: Names of participants present at the meeting
    Absent: Names of participants that were absent at the meeting

    Minutes of the Prior_Month were read and approved.

    Minutes of first topic that was discussed.

    Minutes of second topic that was discussed.

    Meeting was adjourned at time_of_adjournment

    Time, date and place of next meeting

    Name of person taking the minutes.

    LinkedIn Live:Who’ Episode 02

    The following is a transcript provided by futuregen  to the Episode 02 Wednesday Nov 7, 2007.  With 12 hours turnaround time, 98.5% accuracy and in a format suitable for blog posting.

    Welcome to Linkedin Live! This is LinkedIn Anti-prophet Mr Dallas Blue and we’re happy to have you here at the Church of the Cosmic Void. And it’s a Linkedin Live: Who’s Your Daddy Show. I’m Marc Freedman. And we have ..

    Priestess Nocturna

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    Transcription: Research Papers, Thesis and Dissertations

    Futuregen has been getting good feedbacks on our transcription services for the Academic community for their research papers, thesis and dissertation typing. Here are some positive feedback on our transcription services:

    From a researcher in the UK:

    I received your contact details from L**** G*****, a colleague of mine here at C**** at the University of Oxford. She highly recommended you and suggested contacting you about the transcription we have for a research project that is investigating the experiences of migrant ******** workers here in the UK.

    From National University of Singapore:

    The transcription work you did was very nice and precise, and the process of  the uploading files are clear and easy as well.  That’s all what we  need so far. And the price you asked was resonable. I will forward your company link to my other reseach colleagues, they might need your  assistance in the future. —CCP