Legal Transcription: Litigation Support Service

We combine our audio transcription with document management system to provide you with superior litigation support service. Our innovative process is both easy to use, and affordable.

The process starts with your audio file that is uploaded to our secure server. Our staff will transcribe this into microsoft word format and upload BOTH the audio(wma, mp3, wav) and the transcribed document into our document management system. These files will be tagged by our system

The document management system enables quick searches and lookup with the use Microsoft Search on Microsoft SQL databases. Using a browser, your users can access the transcribed documents in our hosted servers.

The combined transcription and document hosting service propels your practice to the next level to be on par with larger practices; BUT without the associated costs. 

For more details or demonstrations, please send an email to marketing[at]

Transcription Tips: Increasing Accuracy in Voice Recordings

Here are things you can do to increase the accuracy of the transcription for your recordings:

1. Reduce ambient room noise
    The quieter the room is, the better it will be for the recording. As transcriptionists rely solely on the sounds that we hear, background noises such as cars passing by, sounds of paper rustling, sounds of doors opening and closing, even the sound of the PA system all contribute to a higher noise level– and reduce the accuracy of the transcription

2. Use more than one recorder
    If you are recording for a group of people, centering the recording device around them will only ensure the accuracy of the people near the recording device. The voices or sounds made by the people farther away are more than likely going to be faint. Transcriptionists are less likely to be able to transcribe these. One solution is to place more recording devices.  Transcriptionists can use the recordings from these other devices to check on the accuracy of the transcribe documents.

3. Encode with higher bit rates
    Once the recorder captures the audio, you will need to digitize it for uploading to our servers. The preferred format is either in wma, mp3 or wav– in that order. The preferred settings are 96kb for the bit rate, and 44khz for the sampling rate. The higher the bit rate, and the higher the sampling rate, the more higher the clarity of the voice recordings, and collaterally, the higher the accuracy of the transcription.

4. Provide notes of the event
    The words of interests like speakers’ names, events, places, and even powerpoint slides during the meeting are all materials that can help us transcribe more accurately. So if you have them, be prepared to send keep a copy to us.

Services Transcription: Legal Testimonies

Transcribe your recorded testimonies into word format. This allows you to quick use computer programs to index them and quickly find out who said what and when! Transcription of legal testimonies, whether for court, or panel hearings are invaluable in providing added insight into what may otherwise may have gone un-noticed. Find out more by emailing us at marketing[at]

Services Transcription: Easier Minutes of Meeting

You can easily produce minutes of meeting without the hassle of jotting down the conversation! Instead, you get a voice recorder that saves the monthly meetings or conversation into mp3 or wma format. Record your monthly meetings and email it to us; we will transcribe your meetings into minutes of meeting! Here are some tips to ensure success in transcribing your minutes of meetings.

Since the minutes of meeting is now text based (Microsoft Word Document format), you can index it more easily do text based searches on it. You can quickly pull up the relevant conversation instead of spending time rewinding and forwarding the tape to locate the relevant portions of the conversation.

Our fees for audio transcription of meetings ranges from 1 to 3 USD per audio minute depending on the voice quality to be transcribed, the length of the meetings, the turnaround times, and potential for long term corporate audio transcription engagement.

Futuregen provides our clients with very fast turnaround times on our transcription jobs. Clients can choose from 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours of turnaround time. We welcome your inquiry. You can sent it to marketing[at]

Hosted Document Management System for SMEs

Futuregen is proud to announce a low cost,[tag-tec] hosted document management [/tag-tec]solution to enable Small and Medium Enterprises to have their own electronic Document Management system.

Rows of Documents

Users of the system can use any ordinary web browser to upload the scanned images. The same browser interface is also used to tag this image with metadata…ie.. name, social security number, tax identification, record number etc. The retrieval of the document is done via a sql search query. The user is provided a web search interface. The user then enters ANY of the above data (ie. name, or sss number or record number), and the system will return a list of images and related documents with the same tagged information.

This system is ideal for companies that need a simple but powerful method of filing documents and retrieving them. Companies can use this for record keeping purposes like employee records, sales records, invoices etc. Schools and similar institutions can use this for student records. Government offices can use this for license applications, etc.

Online Streaming

We are the only Windows Media Partner in Asia Pacific region. Using Microsoft Windows Media technology, your [tag-tec]audio and video streams [/tag-tec] can be delivered to your employees for training, your business partners for presentations and your customers for Product launches.

Training Effectively.

Providing instant and easy access to your multimedia materials encourages learning. Having these same materials accessible by any internet browser opens up access to any internet connected user. For greater impact, we suggest combining these hosted multimedia materials with a learning solutions platform to more easily track the progress.

Promoting Efficiently.

Imagine your clients being able to access the multimedia features of your products or service! How easy it would be for them, and how much less support you have to allocate to them. Now your clients can learn for themselves with significantly less handholding or support!

Anywhere, Anytime Access!

Having your multimedia hosted on our streaming servers (with relays worldwide) ensures that your target audience can access them at anytime, anywhere!

Conference Transcription: Seminar and Trainings

Our satisifed transcription clients have engaged us to transcribe their training seminars, workshops and conferences. This allows them to provide these transcripts as reference materials to their employees.

In other cases, our transcription principals were able to generate additional revenues from re-selling the transcripts of the training or workshop events that they organized. They gain additional revenue from the workshop transcripts.

In some, our transcription principals used the transcripts as an archive where their servers are able to index the keywords for faster search and retrievals.

Our usual transcription service level agreement is for turn around times of either 12, 24, 48 hours. Our rates are quoted on a Per hour of audio to be transcribed. Our transcription accuracy rate is 98.5% percent or more. The transcription will be based on the chicago manual of style. The format will be in Microsoft Word Doc format.

We usually email the transcribed file to our clients. Payment can be done via Paypal. To get started right away, please send an email to marketing[at]

Services Transcription: Reach More Audiences with Text Captions

Consider this: If you can add Text Captions in english to your foreign language films, you open up new markets for your productions! Plus, hearing impaired or challenged persons can also now enjoy your productions!

We can provide movie translations from Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Korean into English subtitles. To get started right away, please send an email to marketing[at]

Transcription: Podcast Transcripts for greater Traffic

Consider this: If you have a [tag-tec]transcript of your podcast [/tag-tec]and then have it posted on your website/blog as part of your podcast, the search engines will be able to index it. Once it is part of their index, a search on keywords that matches the words on your transcript will show your website as part of their results.

The effect is that the podcast’s transcription will draw in more visitors to your site, and possibly, more podcast subscriptions!

To transcribe your podcast, we will subscribe to your podcast feed or download digital file from your website and our transcribers will convert it into text format. Our transcription team workflow ensures a consistent process that guarantees consistent results. Aside from a team supervisor, we have transcriptionists and transcription editors to monitor and ensure quality

We deliver transcript back to you in Microsoft Word Doc format. We can upload it to you , or email it back. Best of all, if you grant us access to your site/blog, we can upload it right away. 60 US cents per audio minute for 72 hour turnaround time, and 2.00 USD per minute for expedited 24 hour turnaround time.

To get started right away on [tag-tec]podcast transcription [/tag-tec] , please send an email to marketing[at] We can also do a free trial. Send us a 5 minute audio and we will send you the finished transcription.

PowerPoint to DVD Conversion

Add voice to your powerpoint slides and you enhance the learning experience. We provide Powerpoint and audio synchronization service. The deliverable will be an html file and a folder so that the presentation is accessible via the web browser.

We will need you to provide us with your Powerpoint slides, your audio or video and we will do the rest.

To get started right away, please send an email to marketing[at]