Call Center: Personal Development Seminar

Great seminar from Ian Northmore – Director of Rhea Consulting (who, unfortunately, did not leave his email address in the powerpoint slide handouts). The key takeaway from the CCAS organized seminar was that Personal development planning is vital to helping teams achieve key performance targets.

While management can not force teams to undergo a personal development plan, they can nevertheless, encourage and foster an atmosphere where continuous learning is part of the culture of the organization.

About the speaker:

Ian is a Director of Rhea Consulting. He specialises in enabling businesses to achieve strategic Customer Relationship Management and has more than 15 years experience in the contact centre industry. He has hand-on experience of CRM, organization design, process mapping, project management, recruitment, training and development across a number of industry sectors. These include Set up and management of all aspects of customer operations including Customer Service, Telesales, Supply Chain Management, Process and Learning and Development areas. Improvement of the self-service IVR options in order to reduce operational costs and improve service. Prior to joining Rhea, Ian was Director of Regional Development and a key member of the Customer Operations team for Virgin Mobile (Asia). He headed up operations in Hong Kong and Tokyo for Level (3) Communications, and was responsible for ensuring a premium level of service to Level (3)’s customer base in Asia through teams of Technical Customer Account Managers.

Seach Engine Marketing Convention 2007

Aaron Wall

Futuregen was fortunate to have attended and learned from the SEO gurus of the industry at the SEMCON 2007 event organized by Marc Macalua and Norelyn babiera of SEO phils and Fiera de Manla respectively. I forgot to mention IMV Solutions is also one of the organizers. (Thanks Anton S.)

The event featured heavyweight speakers like Aaron Wall of, Todd Malicoat of, Dereck Callow (Google) and Philippine SEO gurus like Elymar Apao of, Jonathan Cansuncad of netbooster asia, Rhiza Sanchez of, Javyee Fernandez of, Michael Turner of  and Hans Koch, Co-Founder/Search Architect at syndeo::media to name but a few.

You can listen to the Semcon 2007 Audio archives.

ASME Presentation

You can download the ASME Presentation entitled “Unleash your Website’s Potential“. The seminar was held at ASME conference room on August 25, 2007.

The details about this ASME event can be found in this prior post.

Update: Many have emailed to ask for more stuff related to the presentation. You can try this link to Web Genius Handbook , or create affiliate programs with this Super Affiliate Handbook.

Unleash Your Website’s Earning Potential

Just as being in the correct location is crucial to the revenues of brick and mortar businesses, the online location of your website is just as critical to the success of your online strategies. Attend the [tag-tec] Unleash your website’s Potential [/tag-tec]conference now that is organized by the ASME to find out more.

Here are the details about the Website Earnings Potential seminar

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