Enterprise Risk Management Platform

There will be a Risk Management platform on August 26 to 27, 2008 a the Grand Millenium Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This practical platform combines real life case studies, scenario exercises and breakout sessions that provides the participant with an ERM framework to review and report on its applications to their organization.  

Participants will evaluate options and select a preferred risk identification and prioritizing process.  With the presentation of several risk scenarios, conference participants will discuss the risk mitigation strategies in relation to their organization including the process for handling risks below the materiality level.

The conference speaker is Mr Sid , the principal of Objective Risk Advisory Services with over 20 years of experience in risk managment and is the former GM of risk for Amcor Ltd.

For more details please email Matt Liu, Corporate Events Manager, matl[at]mgdelxis.com

CCAS Events worth attending

Futuregen is registering for 2 CCAS (Call center Association of Singapore) events. These are:

  • Workforce Management by Julie-ann Hazlett, Education Manager of Call Design on Thrusday  July 31, 2008 and
  • Site visit to CPF Contact Center on August 1, 2008

 The Workforce Management will tackle the following topics:

  • Introduction to Call Design
  • Define workforce management.
  • List the implications of overstaffing/understaffing.
  • Describe why call-centre staffing is a unique kind of problem.
  • Outline the perspectives and goals of each stakeholder group and how workforce management impacts each.
  • List the basic steps of workforce management.
  • Describe the role of the supervisor in the workforce management process.
  • Open forum discussing workforce management issues

The Site Visit to CPF is significant because CPF Contact Center was awarded the Bronze winner for Best Contact Center for the year (under 100 seats).

Call Center:Team Leader Handbook Workshop

Futuregen attended another FANTASTIC seminar facilitated by Ian Northmore. Key takeaways from this CCAS organized seminar was :

  • The introduction of additional team leader metrics like Number of One on One meetings, Number of weekly briefings, and the % of absences in the team.
  • The use of Back to Work interviews before MC team members can get back to work.
  • The need for immediate feedback to be given by Team leaders to the team members.
  • The need to review recorded calls made by team members as a way to not only gauge team member performance, but to also allow the team leader to ‘touch base’ with callers.
  • The use of G.R.O.W. to conduct one on one meetings between the team leaders and their team members.

Here is our post on an earlier seminar by Ian Northmore.

Futuregen Logo Trademarked with IPO

Futuregen is proud to announce that our LOGO has been officially trademarked with the Singporean IPO Intellectual Property Office. The registration is valide for a period of 10 years and my be renewed at the expiration and upon the expiration of each succeeding period of 10 years.

The certificate was signed by Ms Liew Woon Yin, Registrar at the IPO

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Digital Forensics Course May 8-9, 2008

If you are involved in the management of your company’s digital assets, or are involved in the prevention and detection of fraud, then you may be interested in attending this Digital Forensics Course on May 8-9, 2008 at the Hotel Grand Millenium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The event is organized by Mgdelxis (formerly SLJ International) and the facilitator of the platform would be Mr Seamus Byrne. He is the COO of eDiscovery tools and also certifed CCE and ENCASE.

To learn more details about this event, please email sales-dfi[at]mgdelxis.com

Call Center Recording and Quality Control Solution

Insights 2008

Photo was taken from the Insights 2008 Presentation. The affair showcased the capabilities of the various NICE applications. The cool feature included their NICE Perform that enables the capture and recording not only of the voice but also of the agent’s desktop.

The captured audio can also be used by call center QAs to capture the sentiment and specific phrases using an add on Analytics module. Also present in the affair was Rick Puzon of eTelecare.

Photo shows Ms Gaby Koren, VP Sales, Enterprise Interactions Solutions, Mr Wilson Chua, Futuregen President, and Mr Edwin Koh, Regional Director for Southeast Asia and Vietnam, Enterprise Interactions Solutions for NICE.