Call Center Presentation: Tips for Operators

Since I am in Singapore, I could not deliver my presentation on how monitoring your call center enhances productivity. This is going to be presented at the PhilCall SME Call Centers Vendor’s Day on Oct 17, 2008 at the CICT-NCC Building on CP Garcia Ave, Diliman QC.

So the next best thing is to record my presentation and upload it here 🙂


Call Center: Selection and Interviewing Skills Revealed

How important are your people to your business? How much would you pay for an additional 20% in productivity? Do your new hires fit the culture of your organization?

For many businesses, recruitment is a quick process involving an interview or two. Companies subsequently spend tens of thousands of dollars managing the issues that arise from poor recruitment procedures. Recruitment should be considered one of the most important responsibilities of any leader in an organization, especially in Contact Centres which generally have the most people.

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