Transcription: Research Papers, Thesis and Dissertations

Futuregen has been getting good feedbacks on our transcription services for the Academic community for their research papers, thesis and dissertation typing. Here are some positive feedback on our transcription services:

From a researcher in the UK:

I received your contact details from L**** G*****, a colleague of mine here at C**** at the University of Oxford. She highly recommended you and suggested contacting you about the transcription we have for a research project that is investigating the experiences of migrant ******** workers here in the UK.

From National University of Singapore:

The transcription work you did was very nice and precise, and the process of  the uploading files are clear and easy as well.  That’s all what we  need so far. And the price you asked was resonable. I will forward your company link to my other reseach colleagues, they might need your  assistance in the future. —CCP