Nov 20, 2007

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

On this day before the day before the day of giving thanks, This Week In Science would like to thank the men and women of science, past, present and future, for their hard work and fearless application of brainy dedication to the uncovering of the unknown and for pushing back the veil of intuition so that we can see beyond the ways of chance and firmly place ourselves on the shores of possibility.

While the University of California, Davis, KDVS and its sponsors don’t necessarily represent the views of this show, we would still like to thank them for providing us a home, a place to ponder, wonder and explore the world of science out loud. If not for that generous commitment to public affairs programming, you wouldn’t be about to hear This Week In Science, coming up next. Continue reading “ Nov 20, 2007” Oct 9, 2007

Justin: Good morning Kirsten.

Kirsten: Good morning Justin. We are back. It’s This Week in Science. It’s Tuesday morning, second week of October.

Justin: In the year of the 2007.

Kirsten: Yeah, the year of the 2007. What is that in the Chinese calendar? I don’t know. Three thousand, four thousand.

Justin: A cat, mouse, elephant.

Kirsten: Rat, something.

Justin: Yeah.

Kirsten: Yeah. Anyway, what a week. Last week, we didn’t get to share any stories with you. So, this week, I’ve brought everything that I had last week plus everything that I’ve got this week.

Justin: Wow! Continue reading “ Oct 9, 2007” Nov 27, 2007

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

From the first oceanic microbial stirrings to the latest in anti-microbial soaps, from the first flint (mustk) fre to the current climate crisis, life on earth is always been a struggle for sustenance versus sustainability, survival versus survivability.

One thing that has made to human life form successful in determining its fate has been our unparalleled ability to out-think our circumstance to find ways to adapt and overcome obstacles. Nowhere is this ability better exhibited then on our scientific accomplishments.

The next hour of programming, well, not representative of the University of California at Davis, the campus radio station or its sponsors – is representative of our current efforts to elude the uncertainty of chance and ignorance and forge a future based on a brilliance of our mental evolution.

Just by listening, you are increasing your chances of survival on the planet by continuing your own brilliant mental evolution with This Week In Science, coming up next. Continue reading “ Nov 27, 2007” December 18, 2007

Justin: Good morning, Kirsten.

Kirsten: Good morning, Justin. That was a loud one this morning.

Justin: Sweet too, lack of – is that pharmacological, pharmaceutical – no poison in the bloodstream still.

Kirsten: Well, that’s right, that’s right. How is it going?

Justin: Everything is under control.

Kirsten: Under control, yes exactly. Well, this is This Week In Science. We are here yet again to talk about all the science going on in the world and there is lots of it as usual, plenty going on to fill well more than an hour. Continue reading “ December 18, 2007” July 22, 2008

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

The following hour of programming may contain language that is too formidable for some of its hosts to pronounce correctly. The contents may also delve into the subjects that listeners find objectionable over, at least, sciencey or unnervingly odd.

Such oddities may have a tendency to do loopy loops in the mind causing unmitigated loss of concentration and could lead to non-secretive learning of nagging trivia that offers little opportunity to be used in the context of light conversation.

And while nagging oddities like the following hour of programming do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the University of California, Davis, KDVS or its sponsors, listeners should listen assured that no matter how firmly the odd bit of sciencey trivia gets stuck in your head, the architects of the show have found a unique method for removing them by dislodging them with an even odder bit of knowledge in the following week.

Thus, the habit forming formula for the show’s success is assured with it’s only antidote being more This Week In Science, coming up next. Continue reading “ July 22, 2008”

Transcript: Dec 04, 2008

Justin: Hey! Good morning Kirsten:.

Kirsten:: That was an interesting one Justin, good morning.

Justin: I’ve got a cold. Something and I could…

Kirsten:: You do?

Justin: Yes, which is a perfect opportunity for me to do an entire show as Krusty the clown.

Kirsten:: Oh, I think we can do without Krusty the Clown this morning.

Justin: No?

Kirsten:: Krusty’s one of – I don’t know. I have a soft spot in my heart for Krusty but, he’s a little bit annoying. There’s obnoxiousness going on.

Justin: I’ve heard that now.

Kirsten:: I’ve heard that before.

Welcome to This Week in Science. It’s a bit after 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday, December 4th. It’s Kirsten: and Justin here and we are going to be with you for the next hour talking all about science news. What else is new in it? Continue reading “Transcript: Dec 04, 2008”

Transcipt: July 22, 2008

Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

We live in a world filled with information; information that exists in our every bit, every bit of our loopy vibrations and extends from the sub point scale to the very outer limits of our ever expanding universe.

Still the vast majority of our sub cosmic scale humans get their information from major media sources as though they were institutions of higher learning and research.

This does make a reasonable explanation for the irrational lack of knowledge and awareness – the only self known, self sentient species applies to itself like getting a degree and mental sedation. For instance, how can a looming yet avoidable global disaster cause little change in the behavior of its global inhabitants?

Well, by simply admitting the importance of reality. Yes, we can go on our day to day push and pull self absorbed ignorance of impending trouble and doom. Yey!

And while self absorbed ignorance like the following hour programming does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the University California, Davis, KDVS or its sponsors, we are here in attempt at bridging the gap between the news and the knowledge, between information and understanding, between buzz bites and essential awareness. Yes we are that full of ourselves.

But compared to what? Compared to who? Yes, humility, sedation and ignorance are vices we will never flaunt here on This Week In Science, coming up next. Continue reading “Transcipt: July 22, 2008”

Transcipt: May 20, 2008

Justin: You’re listening to This Week in Science.

Good morning (Kiki). What’s up?

Kirsten: Hey!

Justin: Anything can happen today. Justin’s pushing the buttons.

Kirsten: Anything.

Justin: This could end really badly or I could go on. There’s no way to know.

Kirsten: Justin is pushing – Justin button-pushing monkey.

Justin: Where are you? You sound like you’re down in a deep, dark well.

Kirsten: Do I? I’m going to try and see if I can – I don’t know if I can turn it up at all. I am in Florida right now.

Justin: Wow! What’s happening over there?

Kirsten: Yes. In Florida I am hanging out at a resort and looking at the beach.

Justin: Oh, (unintelligible).

Kirsten: And not doing much else.

Justin: You poor, poor thing. Well, here we are. This is so strange doing a show without seeing you. I feel I can get a way with stuff.

Kirsten: I know.

Justin: But on the other hand, yes, I miss you. Yes.

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Transcipt: April 22, 2008

Justin: Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer. There are places in the imagination that defy the laws of what is possible in reality, in wistful meanderings of the mind or purposeful ponderings of the impossible we construct these non-realities into definable states of being.
And when the mind that plays unsatisfied with the state of reality beyond its membrane textured walls begins to tinker with that reality and challenge the authority of what is and is not possible. And so, art, science and civilization are born.
While the meanderings of thought that precede our reality like the following hour of programming do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the University Of California Davis KDVS or its sponsors, it is these very imagery meanderings whose outcomes, evidences, and flagrant flauntings of brave new realities we celebrate here on This Weekend Science- KDVS fund raiser edition, coming up next.
[musical interlude]

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Transcipt: Mar 18, 2008 Part 1

Justin: Disclaimer. Disclaimer. Disclaimer.

Now is not the moment to panic. Yes, there’s a war waging in the far off land. Yes, the economy tethering on the brink of an untold turmoil. Yes, the waging and the tether are taking native focus off the impending collapse of our fluctuating climate.

Yes, the content of the following hour of programming does not necessarily represent the views of University of California Davis, yes, the same goes for KDVS and its sponsors.

Yes, This Week in Science is in potential danger of becoming an evening commute, rather than morning drive time broadcast, but for Douglas Adam’s sake people, don’t panic.

The fact that we live at the bottom of the deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet, going around the nuclear fire ball 90 million miles away, and think these to be normal and not worth panicking about is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.

And should allow some level of comfort that things really are much stranger than This Week in Science, coming up next.

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