Effective Outbound Marketing with Machine Models

Higher ROI with Machine Learning
Higher ROI with Machine Learning

Are you looking to increase the effectiveness of your outbound/telemarketing campaigns? Our system leverage advance Machine Learning algorithm that looks at your data.  The system then generates ‘rules’ that help us co-relate your leads to most effect  ‘benefits statements” (Ie. Cost benefit, Time benefit, quality benefit) .

This means that our telemarketing team can connect more effectively with your leads by using the benefit statements that connect or matter most to your leads.

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Higher Impact Contact Center Services

Be the first to combine Big Data Analytics with in your Contact Center. You get competitive insights from using the Right data and a prediction model to help optimize customer care environments.

Big Data Analytics and Contact Centre services

Big Data Analytics combined with Contact Center Service

A McKinsey study on Building a Data Driven Strategy show that to “…fully exploit data and analytics requires 3 mutually supportive capabilities..”–right data, advanced analytics capabilities and determination to transform the organization.

By engaging our multi-channel (voice, chat, SMS) contact center with over 10 years of experience servicing US, Asian and Australian businesses, you leverage on our vast expertise of managing and engaging with your customer.

By tapping on our skills in business analytics, data center management and Big Data analytics, we can harness the ‘dark data’ from such customer interactions and provide your company with heretofore untapped customer insights.

As an option, we can create predictive models based on mashing your internal data with external data to provide you with a powerful and compelling competitive advantage… or to just optimize business outcomes.

All these for a very reasonable package price.  Minimum term is 6 months and at least 5 agents.  To learn more, talk to our 24×7 online chat operators by clicking at the bottom right corner of our page.


Staff Recruitment using IBM’s Watson AI Analytics?

Watson AI Personality Assessment
Watson AI Personality Assessment

IBM just used Watson to analyze a person’s writing style to determine their personality. Their online demonstration page is  https://watson-pi-demo.mybluemix.net/

The science behind this is based on the fact that  “the frequency with which we use certain categories of words can provide clues to personality, thinking style, social connections, and emotional stress. Several researchers found that variations in word usage in writings such as blogs, essays, and tweets can predict aspects of personality (Fast & Funder, 2008; Gill et al., 2009; Golbeck et al., 2011; Hirsh & Peterson, 2009; and Yarkoni, 2010).”

With the analysis provided, companies can theoretically gain a further insight into potential candidates’ personalities and decide whether they are a fit for the company.



When to Outsource?

People usually think that companies outsource some of their functions to save on money. While this has been true in the early days of outsourcing where companies enjoyed the savings from properly implemented plans, they  have also realised some additional benefits from outsourcing. Generally, when either one or more of the following occurs, it is best you consider Outsourcing as a viable option:

  1. Vacant positions are open for a long time.
    Your HR is facing a dwindling pool of qualified people for the open positions. In a tight labor market, outsourcing lets your HR source from a wider pool of potential star performers. You won’t be limited to hiring from your immediate vicinity.
  2. Uncertainty with Market conditions. 
    Management would like to have a more flexible and nimble operation that is not weighed down by a high fixed headcount. Think: Peak and low seasons. It is nice if you can forecast the future growth of your operations, and maintain your staff, but what happens in a downturn? It is easy to hire, and sadly, hardest to fire/layoff people.  By outsourcing your spillover work, you maintain that flexibility and are relieved of having to lay off extra workforce in low seasons.
  3. Quicker time to Market.
    Sometimes your project/s needs that top talent and you can’t wait to train/develop your in-house talents. Outsourcing enables your company to tap on the expertise and specialization of outsourcing companies in what they do best. Your in-house talents can work beside your outsourcing provider and hopefully, your inhouse talents can absorb the best practices and accelerate their own expertise.
  4. Minimizing Operational Risks.
    Sometimes, it just makes sense to ‘not put all your eggs in one basket’. Outsourcing enables your company to spread your manpower over geographic distances. This makes a lot of sense when the next global pandemic or catastrophe hits your main operating region.

Gain Useful Insights into Your Call Center

Asterisk based monitoring software

Loway Research has appointed Futuregen to resell and support its highly popular QueueMetric Software in Asia and Pacific region. Queuemetric enables Asterisk based call centers to gain visibility into their agents’ performance.

Main benefits include:

  1. Service levels achieved
  2. Agent KPIs like: Average call handling time total talk time, number of calls taken
  3. Center Performance including call distribution by agent, or by queue
  4. Queue Distribution by hours of the day
  5. Live Dashboard to display real time statistics

What will QueueMetrics do for me?

Operations managers…

  • See a very detailed report of call center activity, down to each call on each queue.
  • Run reports by single queues, or by user-created queue groups, both on inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Listen to recorded calls.
  • See activity statistics and duration by call stage, with daily, hourly (or shorter), weekly breakdowns.
  • Can track calls processed on multiple queues.
  • Measure business targets and conversion rates on a number of industry-standard metrics.
  • Measure agent activity during the day, both on ACD and non-ACD time, with billable and non-billable work times.
  • Excellent configurable security and privacy, on a queue-by-queue basis. All actions can be assigned or revoked on an user-by-user basis.
  • QueueMetrics can be easily setup to support a virtual or multi-tenant call-center.

Team leaders…

  • Very detailed real time call and agent reporting, can be broken down by queue, agent group or location.
  • See agent status and real-time activity.
  • Remotely listen to live calls as they are handled.
  • Watch agent screens remotely through a VNC client.
  • Real-time wallboard mode using a video projector.
  • Restricted “Visitor” mode to allow real-time access to external stakeholders, with optional live call or VNC monitoring.


  • Agents can see the calls they’re handling and integrate with external CRM apps, optionally passing data gathered from IVR menus or Caller-ID.
  • Set call status codes (e.g. Sale, Contact?) for all inbound and outbound traffic through the GUI
  • Log-on, log-off, go on pause and set pause reason codes.

IT Managers…

  • Proven, heavy-duty industrial solutions deployed in hundreds of locations worldwide, from 5 to 500 agents – ask for references.
  • Highly scalable – supports Asterisk clusters and can be installed on separate servers.
  • Supports database and flat-file storage.
  • Minimal or no Asterisk interaction to minimize the load on the Asterisk server.
  • No need to patch or modify an existing Asterisk installation.
  • Works with Asterisk’s or third-party call recording and storage components.
  • Easily scriptable through its XML-RPC interface.
  • Auto-configuration from standard Asterisk configuration files.
  • Easy to install and upgrade using the yum package manager.

Call Center: Call Monitoring and Quality Assurance

One of the continuing efforsts of singaporean call centers is to focus efforts on finding new avenues of measuring performance and improving coaching for their contact center staff. While solutions have been around for some time now, the recent enhancements are compelling.

Recent enhancements include multi channel recording (not only voice, but also desktop screens for IM and chat supports). Sentiment analyis and better User Interface for QA staff to drill down and pick out the more interesting recordings.

Sentiment analysis allows the software to flag conversations where a noticeable rise in tone and pitch is detected. These usually mark the start of an irate call. Last week, I had the opportunity to be introduced to NICE perform, next week, where such abilities were showcased in Insights 2008.

I have an opportunity to try out a competing product from autonomy called e-talk. The information for etalk on their website states:

Autonomy etalk offers call recording, analysis, and performance improvement solutions that support superior service and enable customer intelligence for call centres. The recently released Intelligent Contact Centre solutions include advanced intelligence-based functions such as Multi-channel Interaction Analysis, Real-time Agent Support and Contact Centre performance.

Call Center:Instant Telemarketing Campaigns

Aside from viral marketing, Telemarketing campaigns to the right targetted persons are one of the most cost effective forms of gaining share of mind/market. The problem with setting up [tag-tec]telemarketing campaigns [/tag-tec] revolve mostly around getting people with the right mindset and skillset to execute it.

Futuregen has the call center solution for you.

We have staff on standby that are veterans of telemarketing campaigns to multi-nations -US, UK, Australia etc. We have ecommerce and telemarketing certifications to help our clients design and implement highly cost effective campaigns that help you deliver on your targets and objectives.

Contact marketing[at]futuregen.sg to get started now.

Call Center:Instant Survey Campaigns

You have recently launched a new product or service and need to know what the market feels about it. Or you need to gather data about demographics, usage and other general marketing research. You don’t want to hire permanent employees to do the job, as the survey campaigns are sporadic.

Futuregen has the instant call center solution for you.

We can work with you to design your call script so that the [tag-tec]Instant survey campaign [/tag-tec] can be done using the shortest amount of time, thereby respecting the importance of time to the target clients. Our survey taking application can provide realtime results in both text and graphical formats.

The survey application can be done using our call center, or we can also send the questionaires out via email if need be. Contact marketing[at]futuregen.sg to get started right away!