Call Center: Instant Inbound Call Center

Do you have an excessive amount of inbound calls that are overwhelming your current support staff? Are you hesitant to grow and/or invest in your center just to cope with these seasonal surges in demand? Are you searching for a partner that is willing to handle your spillover/extra/seasonal surge?

Futuregen has the [tag-tec]Instant Call center solution [/tag-tec] for you.

If you can divert the calls to our call center, we can handle your spillover work. We have trained and experienced customer care specialist that are depended upon by our principals to take care of their clients’
needs. Our staff have excellent Customer Relations profile (at least 90% CSR rating).

Our facilities can also load your script into our system so that our staff will answer in the same way your staff does. Plus the flexibility of our system allows our staff to adapt rather quickly. Our normal training and ramp up times varies from as short as 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

SEO Engagement:Artistes Management in Singapore

Singapore Asian Actors Management

Futuregen through its marketing partner Astreem has been engaged by Fly Entertainment to do web rank services for its international sites. Fly Entertainment needs to be web ranked for the keywords “Artistes Management in Singapore” and “Asia Actors Singapore“.

Fly Entertainment is Singapore’s leading artiste management company founded by the effervescent, award-winning host and comedienne, Irene Ang, in 1999. Started with 2 staff, a fax machine and a burning passion and belief in the potential of local talents, it has grown by leaps and bounds to what it is today.

Recognized as a market leader for its creative and gung-ho approach within the entertainment industry, and for its proven track record in grooming successful artistes, Fly has garnered wide-ranging support from the local media, broadcasters, production companies and corporate clients.

Fly has always been quick to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape and, combined with an international outlook, was the first of its kind to plant a flag beyond local soil and set up an office in Thailand. Fly is poised to continue its expansion into overseas markets and serve a niche – to represent talented English-speaking Asian artistes who are also effectively bilingual in their native languages.

SEO Engagement: Singapore Online Radio

Futuregen web ranking services is being applied to is a site that streams over 40 of the Philippines’ Top AM and FM radio stations. eRadioportal would like to rank high for searches in Singapore for the keyword “ Singapore online radio

The higher search engine visibility is expected to provide more traffic to coming from the philippine expatriates in Singapore.

Hosted Document Management System for SMEs

Futuregen is proud to announce a low cost,[tag-tec] hosted document management [/tag-tec]solution to enable Small and Medium Enterprises to have their own electronic Document Management system.

Rows of Documents

Users of the system can use any ordinary web browser to upload the scanned images. The same browser interface is also used to tag this image with metadata…ie.. name, social security number, tax identification, record number etc. The retrieval of the document is done via a sql search query. The user is provided a web search interface. The user then enters ANY of the above data (ie. name, or sss number or record number), and the system will return a list of images and related documents with the same tagged information.

This system is ideal for companies that need a simple but powerful method of filing documents and retrieving them. Companies can use this for record keeping purposes like employee records, sales records, invoices etc. Schools and similar institutions can use this for student records. Government offices can use this for license applications, etc.

SEO Engagement: Radio Station Directory

Futuregen has been engaged by Radio Station Directory and Radio Station Guide.
to have its site optimized for the keywords Radio Station Directory and Radio Station Guide.
After 3 weeks, it is now on the first page of google and MSN for search results on Radio Station Directory. It is on page 6 of page results. But we expect it to fluctuate in the next few weeks as search engines updates their indexes.

Current Traffic Sources Summary


Web Analysis Leads to Insights

We offer [tag-tec]web analysis services [/tag-tec] to our clients as part of both our data center and web presence managment service. This is where we load your web logs into our web tracking software and provide you with answers like:

  • How many unique clients visits your website?
  • What is your peak period? Per day, Per week, Per month?
  • Where are they coming from? Who are referring them to you?
  • What keywords are they using in search engines to get to you?
  • What are your top entry pages? What are your top exit pages?
  • Which country are they coming from?

The above are but a small set of answers we can provide to you for you to gain insights into your web visitors and fine tune your web site to gain maximum results from your campaigns.

Disaster Recovery Support

The common mistake in backing up is to place the backup in the same facility! This is why after the 9/11 attacks on NY, USA, a lot of companies have basically selected secondary sites to store their backups as part of their [tag-tec]Disaster REcovery Plans [/tag-tec].

We have the fiber capacity to support high speed downloading. Our secured servers can further off load the data into CD, or tape, or into our terrabit raid level 5 hard disk storage servers

Contact us at marketing[at] to help you with this.

Things to Consider in Registering your Domain Name

Web based projects will need to have the right and relevant domain name to start it off in the right direction. Several questions are important:

  1. Is the domain name available?
  2. Do you need to register the other extensions? aka. .net, .org., .mobi, .biz, .info?
  3. Do you need to [tag-tec]register in other TLDs [/tag-tec]?(country specific like. .sg, .cn, .id., in, .tw. ph , .my)
  4. Do you have at least 2 nameservers to use?
  5. Do you want to register it yourself? or outsource it?
  6. Is it going to be search engine friendly?

You can depend on our experience of hosting more than 600 clients and certifications in E-commerce to assist you in this domain name registration process. We can work with you to achieve your business objectives in your web project.